Geolocating your refrigerated shipments in real time.

Thanks to the DL16-B001, it is now possible to have cold shipments controlled in real time. This way you can rest assured informing in advance against any unwanted change on the temperature or route of the goods.

In depth

The DL16-B001 is a small compact device whose main features are:

Two temperature probes. One high dynamic range professional probe measuring from -50 ° C to + 100 ° C and another built-in temperature probe device that measures the ambient temperature where it is located. This may also be useful to monitor the temperature variations of the enclosure where the device is located as cooling containers tend to delay the temperature variation inside. The DL16 line bear operating temperatures down to -35 ° C.

Location. Thanks to their integrated and enhanced GPS and their triangulation options by mobile phone signal up to 4G, it is possible to locate the goods in real time. Also thanks to other valuable features, it is possible to report by email, when the goods arrive at a given destination, being this national or international.

These key features make the DL16-B001 the perfect partner to control individual cold consignments point to point around the globe.

Also another important feature is that you will know how your goods are handled given that the device has an impact sensor.

How does it work?

After preparing the goods, a probe is inserted and the DL16 is attached to the container box. It is also possible to introduce it in the cooling zone as it bears temperatures below 0 ° C. Subsequently the device is set up via an online platform, which thanks to IoT (Internet of Things) will inform smartly of issues related to the shipping.


  • Anticipating potential breakages of the cold chain
  • Declining jeopardised shipments
  • Limitation of liabilities
  • Control
  • Real-time information
  • Cost reduction and peace of mind.

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