Be informed about the temperature and position of your cold chain fleet

With the DL16-003, it is possible and easier to control the temperature of the boxes in your fleet of cold trucks. It being an autonomous system and connected to the IoT (Internet of Things), with high precision measurements and real time, you can monitor the status of all control points.

In depth

The DL-003 allows the transmission of data relating to the status of the cold cabin of your vehicle. As it is connected to the vehicle power system, the system becomes fully autonomous without incurring other operating costs. Remotely, thanks to its removable measuring probes between -100 ° C and + 100 ° C, it is possible to know with precision the temperature of the cold room or other products that are inserted the probe. Finally, thanks to its GPS sensor and measurement of the mobile telephone network (supports up to 4G), the device gives its position at all times.

How does it work?

This DL16 model is installed in the cold cabin of the vehicle and its removable temperature probes allow measuring the cabin temperature itself or the temperature of a particular box.

Once easily configured, the device begins to measure the temperature and other aspects. DL16 devices can be grouped by fleet, driver, geographical areas, clients ... this allows greater ease when making decisions.


  • Integration of the entire isothermal trucks fleet
  • Monitoring of shipments in real time
  • Geopositioning of the fleet
  • Connecting to IoT for better decision making
  • Anticipating potential breakages of the cold chain
  • Integrated value solution transferable to your customers

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