Datalong16 creates an App providing constant traceability control over merchandise

Datalong16 took part in the latest SIL exhibition, where they presented their newest products geared towards traceability within the transport sector when using the DL16.

First is the incorporated automatic Flight mode (patented system) which as an IATA strategic partner and member, the company is already presenting to all corporations involved in the transport of merchandise.

Second is the increased security in the containers, chambers and vehicles by using the remote control door opening alert feature which does not require any assembly.

“Here at Datalong16 we have worked hard to develop a device that will enable operators as well as companies to know the status of their shipments in real time”, the company remembers.

To have available the position, temperature, pressure, impact and humidity in real time, is of great importance to many corporations, “and so our DL16 substantiates the welcome received at SIL in 2016.

For companies dealing in merchandise transport, these last few years of crisis has forced the search for solutions to real problems. One of these concerns is knowing the status of the merchandise at all times. 

Taking into account the remarkable level of engineering in Spain and the needs presented by the companies, Datalong16 decided to develop the product in its entirety on national territory.

“Our challenge was to provide a solution to companies manufacturing the product locally and to have guarantees for worldwide recognition”, the company states.

“We decided to develop the whole process in Datalong16; starting with internal programming of the DL16, through the manufacturing of the first prototypes, to testing, international patent, platform software, European certification and finally the commercialization of the product”.