Report in Diari Ara; Shedding light in the cold chain.

Report in Diari Ara; Shedding light in the cold chain.

DL16 was conceived in an attic. Here Martin Longobuco and his team began trials on a device that would control the cold chain and guarantee the transport of products at a precise temperature.

“Back then, we already had 12 years’ experience appraising companies dealing with the transport of products such as pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuffs” explains Longobuco. Based on that experience, they realized that “this sector involves various participants, and therefore difficult to know how or when the cold chain had been broken”. To solve this, they decided to create a device capable of constantly registering the location and temperature of the product, indicating where the cold chain broke, when it happened and how long the product had been under inadequate conditions.

It took approximately 2 years to develop the DL16, and for Longobuco and his team it was a complete adventure. “We were constantly encouraged by our progress. We decided to incorporate a humidity and pressure sensor to ascertain if the product would flatten, and a gyroscope to indicate if it overturned”.

The device is capable of detecting if airborne and automatically activate airplane mode. The device has been developed following the internet of things concept, meaning that received information is registered every few minutes in the internet so that the client knows the state of the product at all times.

Datalong16 now “sheds light in this previously shadowed sector”, by providing information on this new process.

Longobuco admits to having economic support during the development of the device was crucial. “Research is expensive, and to do it for two years without an income becomes very complicated”. Once the device was ready, the team travelled to Boston to present it. “we were expecting to find 50 people with similar devices, but were pleasantly surprised to find that we were the only ones”, says Longobuco.

The next step was to register a world patent and try the device with multinational companies. We discovered the device was not only useful in controlling the cold chain, but it offered many other services”, points out the engineer who has plans to develop new prototypes “for the elderly, as the gyroscope will detect if the person has fallen and where”.

At present the company is focused in a deal sealed with Vodafone. This telephone company will distribute the Datalong16 throughout the north of Europe, a fact that will “broaden their horizons” according to Longobuco. Currently the company consists of eleven people, but opened to opportunities the future holds. According to Longobuco the aim is to become a great international Catalan company.