The management of shipments using DL16 provides real time location and improve supply chain

DataLong16 is a fast expanding company created to offer a response to new control and tracking options covering a wide range of markets.
One of their products is the DL16, a data logger device with various sensors (position, temperature, pressure, impact and humidity), reports Griselda Miralles, company CEO. Once data has been gathered, using a combination of advanced hardware, software and cutting edge communication technology, the data is transferred in real time to the cloud compatible with the Internet of things (loT).
The information is then available for the user to view in various formats. One of them is a constant image of the path traced and detailed information from all the active sensors. This provides the client with continuous and complete information on the merchandise whilst visualizing the entire journey.

Interview with Antonio de la Ossa, CEO of Ibercóndor

In order to improve a company's logistics, Datalong16 has tested the DL16 with many customers. One of them being Ibercondor, a company dedicated to the management of international transportation and customs for a wide range of businesses. CEO Antonio de la Ossa comments on the tests carried out with DL16.
What prompted Ibercondor to test DL16
Our motivation stems from the constant improvement of service we offer to our customers. The DL16 presented itself as the obvious solution to provide online geo location of the merchandise as well as the information available through the sensors. 
Are you currently conducting tests?
Yes, we have done some testing on international shipping with the consent of our client and we are very satisfied with the degree and high level of information provided. In this particular instance we were assessing the temperature and geo location of the merchandise.
What are the benefits of having this information?
From our point of view, it will improve the control of shipments and in turn the level of service we provide.
Our clients will improve their logistics by accessing the information available to them through the DL16.