Ibercóndor & DataLong16 show their specialized logistics at Expoquimia

Ibercondor and the technological Datalong 16 have shown their alliance during the Expoquimia exhibition.

Both shared a stand and jointly participated in presenting to the chemical and alternative industries their range of solutions when dealing with transport management concerning the above type of merchandise, both raw and the finished product.

Ibercondor and Datalong 16 both understand the chemical industry to be one of the most strategic sectors, with specific requirements needing specialized solutions when dealing with international transport management, Ibercondor’s area of expertise, and the monitoring of products needing to travel under controlled conditions, where the dataloger DL16 shows it prominence.

The synergy between both companies was highlighted on Wednesday during a conference where Antonio de la Ossa, Ibercondor CEO, and Martin Longobuco, responsible for the DL16, analyzed fundamental aspects regarding online traceability within the cold chain.

Ibercondor offers specific services for sectors such as pharmaceutical, food and chemical, with a focus on the transport of liquids, dangerous goods and package consultancy.

Datalong 16 has developed an extremely versatile product, the DL16, which covers all needs in sectors such as agro food, healthcare, chemical, pharmaceutical and logistics.

The sinergy between both companies had its highest moment on Wednesday in the contect of a conference hold by Mr. Antonio de la Ossa, Managing Director of Ibercóndor and Mr. Martin Longobucco, responsible for DL16. They both analyzed key points of the cold chain.

Ibercóndor offers services for pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries with an special focus for liquid and dangerous cargo and also on the assesment for packaging.
Datalong16 has developed a product range, known as DL16 family, that meets the needs of several sectors like agrifood, healthcare, chemical, pharmaceutical or logistic.