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The DL16

The DL16 is a small, autonomous and compact data logger with real time internet connectivity and enhanced GPS localization.

It features high quality probes for temperature, humidity, pressure and a powerful 3D orientation sensor and impact detector. All data is stored in the memory and transmitted through the internet, resulting in a powerful data logger connected in real time and accessible through a browser.

Its mission is to accompany the goods and sensitive goods during transportation either by land, sea or air, and reporting at all times on their condition.

The smart communication system protocol, in addition to contributing to saving on the battery, allows transmitting data to different interfaces and receiving new orders such as increasing sensitivity, increasing the monitoring frequency or including new users in the alarms system that are received by email, twitter.

The GPS system has been enhanced with different algorithms and also using a triangulation system with mobile coverage. Thus, it is possible to have an accurate location of the goods in real time and of the path travelled.

"Internet of Things" (Internet of Things, IoT)

Thanks to the latest product improvements and the "Internet of Things" (Internet of Things, IoT) integration, the system can be integrated into other popular clouds such as®, SAP® and Microsoft Navision®. In this way, the information can be shared in real time with all managers involved with the shipment.

 Which are DL16 strong points?

  • Accurate monitoring of the state of the cold chain.
  • Control of the goods in terms of their position and physical condition (temperature, humidity, impacts, verticality, pressure, environmental conditions, ...).
  • Anticipated decision making before the arrival of the goods at their destination.
  • Real time tracking of the goods' route.
  • Sharing of information with authorized users.
  • Scheduling events that trigger alarms.
  • Alerting authorized users.
  • Preventing damage to third parties.
  • Subsequent cost savings.
  • Powerful management system of the device geared towards connectivity, recording and battery saving.
  • Geofences to manage alerts and sending data.
  • Multi-user. Accessible by assigning multilevel permissions.
  • Grouping by fleets for an improved human performance.
  • Generating programmable alarms triggered by events.
Peace of mind
  • The DL16 can be configured to send an advance warning only when something goes wrong, therefore eliminating unnecessary worry throughout the different stages of the shipment.
  • Information available anytime and anywhere.
Cost Reduction
  • Reduced indirect costs (device recovery, laborious reading, time forwarding information, ...).
  • Reduced insurance premiums.
  • Rapid payoff.
  • Long-term savings.

As the equipment is approved by Welmec and FDA and has a validated calibration, it is possible to use its data in case of litigation for liability.

Other advantages
  • Sustainable thanks to its re-usablility, contributing to the business economy.
  • Long-life battery under normal environmental conditions.
  • Incorruptible. It cannot be manipulated and data transmitted is encrypted.
  • Compact. 127x75x45mm and 235gr.
  • Does not require the use of owned software, as the information can easily be downloaded from the cloud. 

Datalong 16 Models


DL16-08 a datalogger without the need for installation. Autonomous and compact. Calibrated probes.

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