Air Transport

In air freight where urgency usually prevails, it is essential to identify the goods' location. In addition to the benefits provided by the DL16, greater advantage can be taken of other important readings such as temperature, impacts, humidity and further readings from other probes.

Today, this is the sector in which a large number of incidents occur mainly due to the number of parties needed to arrange a shipment. In addition, the loading wait time for air shipments is one of the unsolved issues in terms of ensuring the maintenance of the cold chain of products. Currently, we cannot determine how long a shipment has been at the foot of the transportation vehicle and under what conditions, let alone the time when the event occurs. When using the DL16 this need no longer be a mystery with the active simultaneous and online data location and temperature system.

Combining perimeter zones and minimum and maximum temperature thresholds, we can benefit from a robust and powerful alarm system which is activated only for important information without the need to explicitly query the data except in the specific case that is of interest.

In this type of shipments, a DL16 with a travel autonomy will be used such as that of the DL16-B001 or DL16-B002.